Dog Behavioral Training

Dog Behavior Training

Individual behavior modification sessions focus on developing strategies so as to decrease problems and improve the relationship between dogs and humans.


Recognizing that every dog is unique, it is important to identify the dog’s behavior patterns, as well as the biological and environmental conditions that can contribute to problems in order to implement methods that would best suit the client goals and meet the dog’s needs.

Behavior Modification Plan

Techniques such as environmental changes, relaxation training and systematic desensitization are utilized to help dogs gradually increase their comfort level in the presence of fearful or aggressive behaviors. In addition, diet changes, sensory methods or planned exposures are some of the many effective techniques that are implemented as part of modification of anxious, phobic, aggressive and obsessive compulsive behaviors.


The three main goals of my approach to behavior modification are:

1. Focusing on the whole dog when managing behavioral imbalances, rather than on the particular problem alone;

2. Exerting lifestyle changes that promote awareness, emotional and behavioral balance as well as wellness for pets;

3. Establishing respectful, cooperative relationships between pet dogs and humans.

In addition to behavior modification programs, I also offer obedience training, please visit Beverly Hills Dog Training to learn more about my private classes in the West LA area.